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Personal Trainers

We all need a little help with exercise sometimes, whether we're just starting out or we've been at it for a long time. Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they'll get out of the experience. There are a number of reasons people work with peronal trainers.  Some want an individualized program so they can lose weight or get in shape while others simply need to be held accountable for their workouts.   No matter what level of fitness you are at, a personal trainer may be just what you need to take it to the next level of your fitness journey.

Shay Stuefen/Front Desk

Shay is the "front line" of our gym, and is always willing to help out members and potential new members with questions or tours of our club.  She is currently enrolled to become a personal trainer with NASM (National Acadamy of Sports Medicine). Shay has been in the West Seattle area for several years and attended Seattle Central (Associates of Applied Science) for Nursing.  She is now looking forward to acquiring her certification with NASM, and start helping our members reach their goals.

Mike Van Winkle/Trainer

Mike suffered a serious injury when he was 18, leaving him in constant pain, even after 2 years of rehab. He was depressed, discouraged and searching for answers from anyone. Quickly learning that if he wanted to find out an educated answer, he would have to go to school and learn everything he could about exercise science and kinesiology. Further understanding why he was in pain and if there was a way out of the pain. The understanding of muscles, joints, and connective tissues that he gained is what helped him down a path of pain free living. Whatever your fitness goals are, it's just as important to learn that your path to get there is going to be different person to person as everyone has walked a different path. A fitness fad will not get you there. Mike feels it takes a personalized plan, based on correcting the muscle imbalances that we all have. His passion is developing that plan, getting you to your fitness goals without the guessing game, teaching you how to work out properly, and hopefully adding to your quality of life. Training for 10 years, graduate from Ashmead College in Exercise Science, and certified through the NSCA.

Easton Johnson/Trainer

Easton Johnson has been around fitness and athletics his whole life. Originally from Renton, he was a standout 3 sport athlete who also has always had a passion for training and helping others to improve their overall health. Easton attended Washington State University where he studied Entrepreneurship and Business Management. He works with a wide array of populations and takes any challenge he is given. Easton specializes in functional movement, strength/power training, athletic performance and much more! 


Donald Ward/Trainer/Owner
Donald started his journey at this gym location as a member, later hired on as a (NASM) Personal Trainer, then Manager, and now Owner of this location as an independent gym.  Being a West Seattle (Junction) neighbor for years, he knew that West Seattle was the area to open his very own gym, and help the community reach their fitness goals.  A strong believer in providing the best customer service to the community, and a strong supporter of locally owned businesses. If you don't catch Donald training his clients, you can catch him working the front desk, mopping/cleaning, or getting a workout himself... he is for sure a "hands on" owner that will bend over backwards to keep his members happy. 



KS Shabazz/Trainer

KS Shabazz is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach. His mission is to help GenX'ers, with slowing a metabolism, make fitness & nutrition fit into their lifestyle so they can look better, feel better and get out there and live life to the fullest! KS is the son of a PE teacher and has been around sports all his life including playing high school football and later picking up boxing and martial arts. After 5 years of spending his days in the tech industry as a pre-sales engineer and daydreaming about working out, he decided to devote his life to helping other GenX'ers get healthy and get moving. As an older athlete himself, he understands what it's like to stay in shape while dealing with aches and pains from childhood sports injuries and an aging body. His fitness methodology is rooted in functional fitness training and he believes that with the right combination of proper nutrition, exercise, and rest, he can help you reach your fitness goals in a challenging yet safe way. Every one of his clients gets a customized exercise program that starts where you are and gradually progresses so you don't have to worry about whether or not you're "fit enough" to start. Because transforming your body begins with a good nutrition plan, he can help with that too if you need guidance.

Rosemarie Simon

Rosemarie is a champion of the healthy living lifestyle. From her JV and Varsity Cross Country and Soccer time in high school to her many medical degrees from college (EMT, Pharmacy, and Nursing). Also, having worked in an Arthritis clinic prior to becoming a fitness professional, has opened her eyes to a different way that the body needs movement. Rosemarie believes that functional exercise movement can heal the body in tremendous ways. With her background as a Nurse, she has an understanding of the human body from a medical standpoint that is unique. Rosemarie loves to challenge her clients to become the very best version of themselves. She believes that anyone can be successful in their fitness goals if they'll just take a chance on themselves. Rosemarie is a certified Barre instructor which she feels is great for a low impact workout that is easy on the joints. Her other certifications are in senior classes (Silver Sneakers and Enhanced Fitness), so she has extensive knowledge of movements formatted to help seniors in their daily lives, whether it’s having trouble getting out of a car due to hip issues, or unable to turn a doorknob due to arthritis or RA. She works with seniors on a daily basis to get them back to outstanding health. Since she teaches a multitude of classes she has the ability to give anywhere from a high intensity Tabata workout to a low impact Barre or stretch workout, Rosemarie can meet all fitness needs and levels.